Dublin Carpet Binding are the carpet edging specialists and  have been working in the carpet and flooring industry for over 25 years.
No carpet is too large or too small, we have many different types of carpet edging available, with hundreds of colours in yarn and binding to choose from.
Most of our work is usually carried out on a 48 hour turn round, but we can sometimes accommodate a “while you wait” service if you make an appointment.
We bind and edge carpets for companies all across Ireland and trade inquiries are always welcome. With our ‘while you wait’ service your fitter will be able to do a fast turnaround time for your customer.
Please give Ben a call on 087-8137739 to discuss your precise requirements.

Turn waste or off cuts of carpet into mats and rugs of any shape to fit any room or as door mats, bathroom pedestal mats, conservatory or bedroom rugs, stair runners, caravan or motor home carpets or as car mats or boot liners. Almost any type and thickness of carpet can be whipped.
If you’ve had a new carpet in your home, you’ll probably have some remnants left over which, although too small to use in another room, are big enough for it to feel like a shame to throw them away. Fortunately, you don’t have to!
We can quickly and inexpensively turn your off cuts into useful mats and rugs to protect your new carpet, make a useful doormat, line your car’s boot or for any number of other uses.

Please give Ben a call on 087-8137739 

Binding Tapes

All of our tapes are available as a wide 2″ binding or a narrower 1″ binding. See below for a sample range of our 19 available binding tapes and colours.

Ohio Binding Tape: This is a Polyester fabric that is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton, fades less, is long-lasting and durable. It is a great option for heavy traffic areas such as stairways or area rugs. Also, and because polyester is less absorbent than cotton, it is more stain-resistant too.

Cotton Twill Binding Tape: This is a thick cotton fabric with a more pronounced herringbone design. Its a 100% natural product and comes in a more neutral array of colours to complement most newly redesigned properties.

Quickstep Silk Binding Tape

Quickstep carpet binding tape in overlock design is made from 32 % cotton, 68 % polyester with a versatile range of use. There is a huge colour selection of 115 colours and changing supplement colour charts. The finish is a neat 8mm trim on the edge of your carpet. It’ the ideal application for stairs, mats or large area rugs. This is also a portable solution for large difficult to move rugs.


Wool Binding/Whipping

Carpet whipping is a wool overlocked edge that can be added to any carpet giving a beautiful, tailored finish. We have an extensive range of coloured 80/20 wool yarns to turn your off-cuts of carpet into useful mats or create an impressive area rug to your individual size and shape. We also offer a cutting service, cutting your carpets to your exact requirements.